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Jasmine initiative

"Put in simpler terms, the spin field can be described as a series of propagating helical vortices observed as carrying a dense interstitial flux of an array of particles, possibly ranging down to the sub-quantum, in size. [4] This flux of particles and the spin field helices act together, in some not well understood manner, to temporarily copy the physical properties of substances into other substances. It is this flux of sub-quantum particles, which seems to be responsible for the copying ability of the spin field." -Robert Neil Boyd, Ph. D.
Presented for consideration to:
The National Institute of Health, Alcohol Abuse Center


Russell Maycumber said...

(卐) jasmine flowers grow in little swirls,The name appears in various forms in attestations for the figure, some of them significantly different, and various theories have been proposed for the name.[2] John Lindow states that if the first element, mundil- is related to mund, meaning "period of time," then the name may be a kenning for the Moon.[2] Rudolf Simek also theorizes that the name may be a kenning for the Moon.[1] It is possible that because Mundilfari also means "the Turner", and he is responsible for the rotation of the sky, he could be the god of time.
Torsion field, also called axion field, spin field, spinor field, and microlepton field is a pseudoscientific[1] concept loosely based on Einstein-Cartan theory and some variant solutions of Maxwell's equations.[2] The torsion field concept was conceived in the Soviet Union by a group of physicists in the 1980s. The group, led by Anatoly Akimov and Gennady Shipov,[3] began the research as the state-sponsored Center for Nontraditional Technologies, but was disbanded in 1991 when their research was exposed as a fraud and an embezzlement of State funding,[2] only to emerge again as a private enterprise; The International Institute for Theoretical and Applied Physics and later called UVITOR.[4].

A field in physics is an assignment of a quantity (vector, tensor, or spinor) to every point of the space containing it. The word torsion refers to any variable that describes rotation. Thus, torsion fields do exist. For example, an electromagnetic wave with circular polarization or the stress tensor of a solid body under torsion stress can be described as torsion fields, although such usage is rare. Spinor fields, in particular, fermionic fields, are existing concepts from particle physics and quantum field theory. However, advocates of the scientific spin field or torsion field theories claim that spin-spin interaction (itself a well-studied quantum phenomenon) can be transmitted through space similar to electromagnetic waves, does not carry mass or energy, only "information", and does so at speeds up to 109 times the speed of light. At the same time they claim that it is carried by neutrinos (which have both mass and energy), that it does not interact with matter but, at the same time, can be generated and registered easily.[5] Although the basic postulates of these theories are full of contradictions and scientifically nonsensical statements[6], it does not stop torsion field theory from being hailed as the scientific explanation of homeopathy, telepathy, psychokinesis, levitation, clairvoyance, ESP, and other paranormal phenomena. Harnessing the torsion fields is said to make possible everything from miracle cure devices (including devices that cure alcohol addiction[7]) to working perpetual motion machines, stargates[8] and UFO propulsion analogs. Many such devices, in particular the miracle cure boxes, have been patented[9], manufactured and sold, and some appear to work due to placebo effect.

Proponents of torsion field theories have been known to seek large-scale government and military contracts, beginning with their original 1987 application to the Ministry of Defence of the USSR requesting funding to develop "highly-reliable detection of an enemy strategic weapon (ICBM, nuclear submarine, aircraft, etc.); the long-range destruction of enemy strategic weapons without contact; covert jamming-resistant communications with objects in Space, on Earth, underground, and underwater; mobile equipment on gravitational principles; and psychophysical and biomedical influence on troops and the population"[2] The state allocated 500 million rubles (about $700 million U.S. at today's exchange rate) for this research.[10] Another example of such application was an experiment conducted in 1994 by the Russian private research group "VENT" (VEnture for Non-traditional Technologies[6]) in 2002, they applied for oil drilling licenses in Russia and UK using "microlepton technologies"[11].

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