Friday, April 16, 2010

Too early to tell

The believe that studying something will give it more importance, inoculating it against meaninglessness makes me think of colonial or Victorian identity crisis. The more I study things the more I realize they have no meaning. That “things” exist because I order them so. That meaning is there because I give it and that makes me scary and scared like I have to pee the Universe is so big so I’m going to bottle it(not my pee, or maybe so?). I think that’s another reason we bottle things we fascinate over. To control them. I have experienced that looking and consuming are different. This permission you are toying with is scintillating, If you break this down from a looking and being looked at perspective ,imprisonment in a bottle is not permission, its fetish. It is precisely because we don’t have permission that we are fascinated(this is perverted, enjoy it). So this is now about crisis than altruistic manifestations of our awareness after all you did include children in a list associated with dead things.

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Libby Couch said...

A response to Christine's work?

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