Wednesday, April 14, 2010

say you'll be right back

As much as songs about addiction are cultural cul de sacs, there is something in their crafting universal enough that you don' t have to be a junkie to relate. Bright eyes has a song called LUA. The repeating chorus is how things are good at night then dry up with the day light. That wasn't always my experience with New York city but that town could easily wear that tag as a theme. I like how he is singing about scoring heroine but interjects a side about having a coffee and a paper and his own conversation. That is such a simple ritual. Similar to tobacco use and how it can be a life altering experience in native traditions but how its been reduced to 20 butts a day if you don't have it bad. Still I have had some very intense "sessions" with ordinary tobacco. Reminds me of anecdotes about Nomadic Mongolians having a once a year blow out on fermented horse milk, probably the alcoholic equivalent of a large slice of rum cake.


Russell Maycumber said...

What it did, at least at first, was exaggerate my natural curiosity and need for emotional affection. While on cocaine I became as harmlessly ravenous as Cookie Monster. – Tom Bissell at the Guardian

Anonymous said...

Hey Russ, I had a wee bit of rum yesterday and I was flyin high. I agree that balance is very good. When I think of New York, I think of Cary. He must be king of the city .I have not had tobacco since 9 years ago, but I get up close to people who are smoking and it don't bother me none. I'm glad you write every day, I need to do that. JM

Russell Maycumber said...

Every day John. You should wake or stay up late and doodle with one of the kids and post them in yer own bloggidy

Anonymous said...

Yes that's a good idea. Now I need to find out how to make one bloggidy.

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