Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The twins

The state wide testing for school children is this week. McDonalds is sponsoring free breakfasts. There is something very socialist about this extremely capitalist business of selling hamburgers. My son inquires about the competition between McDonalds and Starbucks. He and I were trading comments about their recently remodeled de core of sterile polished aluminum and sleek modern space dividers. Living a three minute bike ride from my job, It was unusual for me to be out so early amongst the commuter crowd. The hour was ripe to witness daily waking routines. A bus driver pulled her yellow 53 capacity crucible up along side the restaurant, and an older woman with a coarse halo of faded blonde disembarked with a slender teenage girl, cheeks like giant brown plumbs reflecting the florescent glow of the drop ceiling interior. They were in and out in 3 minutes, their conversation hardly faltering but to order. A man in a blue shirt, flushed pink with the reluctance of waking, eyes slightly blood shot, entered and once behind the counter, began busying himself. A woman in a white shirt with close cropped slick black hair and caramel skin, who had previously been addressed as yes m’am began affectionately fixing his tie. Once outside I noticed twilight had given way to a fuchsia sky. I am reminded of the story about an anthropologists who visits with the sub-Saharan tribe. Nothing of note beyond what had previously been recorded had occurred on this particular expedition. Then on the last night of his visit, the anthropologist began to notice people readying for an event. He asked the elders about these curious preparations, and the leader replied that the ritual occurs rarely, but it was to celebrate the relationship between two stars, which the leader said their ancestors hailed from, all of which was groundbreaking news to the anthropologist. The ritual concludes with the anthropologist being drenched in tan dory sauce and pit roasted to a bright red crisp, not really. The hook in that particular story was that one of the stars the tribe was referring to, had not been documented with a telescope until the late 1800's, and yet the tribe had artifacts that made reference to this star dating 1000's of years prior. silent star.


LLPerry said...

t'was their stellar place of origin. Beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

love these drawings...xoxo b

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