Saturday, March 27, 2010

golly what a day

This morning I had grits and eggs at an old breakfast place near the marsh. On our way home I saw a painting I had made with my friend sitting in some random persons yard sale items. I made a trellace for the confederate Jasmine(invasive...irony) that enters my front yard. I used some old 4x4 posts and a plank of drift wood I found in the St. Johns river. We live in a house that is close to one hundred and fifty years old, so the aesthetic is like, southern gothic Wabi Sabi. I trimmed a small orange tree that my friend Billy gave me and I also tried to revive some lemongrass and fiddle head ferns with black potting soil and cypress mulch. The cypress mulch makes me feel a little wierd to use, I know most of the mulch as a product comes from shrinking swamp lands. My friends lake house hosts a cypress that would take two men hand to hand to wrap around its trunk, and it sits in about 4 feet of the darkest black swamp tea water...crazy reflections on days that the water is still or in the mornings before the wind picks up.

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