Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bobs your uncle

Overheard in the newsroom ..."The great star Wormwood (a brown dwarf star) is now in the night sky, I have tracked it now for 6 months, naked eye, infrared binoculars and high powered binoculars it has 7 Moons and a corona that is 2 million miles wide. It is what all sky, space related web sites are calling Jupiter and right now Earth is about 6 months away from passing Wormwood close up and the destruction it will cause inbound to the Sun is in Revelation Ch 8
and the outbound destruction is in Rev Ch 16"

-tigers being dropped from American planes into villages to eat the people:
“We heard that foreigners are releasing them at night from planes to eat people. We heard that usually the tiger cats attack the throat and drink all the blood,” said Mohammed Saber, also from Saidkhail.
Air delivery? But wouldn’t the fall kill the cats?

“They fly really low,” said Koko Gul, 20, of nearby Monara village, holding his hands a foot from the ground, “and they just drop the cats onto the ground.”

Fazul Rahim, 28, of Said- khail, said he knew a man who caught a pisho palang in a net. It had some kind of foreign stamp on its rump, he claimed.

“And some American came and he wanted to buy it for $5,000, but my friend wouldn’t sell it,” Rahim said.

He refused $5,000 for a cat?

“Yes. He said, ‘Right now, they’re paying $5,000, but maybe later they’ll pay more,’ ” Rahim recounted.

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