Wednesday, January 13, 2010

knots are knocking

Ryan Rummel is an artist. The opening sentence to his CV reads:
" We live in a world of remarkable things yet we rarely experience them truly."
There is a tendency in considering art, in the "art world" and art theory to consider how we as humans handle "reality". I'm going to load that shiny ball in our plunger and see what I get...
Humans like masks. Masking experiences as a way to regulate their effects. Participating in highly ideosnychratic object making is an excercise in masking reality. Every time I think of this masking fetish humans have, I think of Homer Simpson. Cartoons are a mask, a way of distilling and condensing sensations.
-Bald head bubble eyes gut, pants shirt skin, three hairs on top of head.-dad
-figure passes through box, door window hall stairs
-figure interacts with other figures, small medium large four legs four wheels.-family

Looked at this way I can see how drawing has become for me a way to Expand and unpack sensations, at a rate befitting different instances of observation. In this sense Art and autism is very similar.


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