Friday, January 29, 2010

Altered Carbon

I joke with my wife, ”what do you want on your tombstone”…it’s a line from a frozen pizza ad, ”no really what do you want on your tombstone”. Then we agree we don’t want graves. But I have thought about a memorial stone. I have thought about carving it myself. I want something ironic and witty carved on it like a status update that will never be updated again(in the future tombstones will be LCD and updateable or like a Harry Potter newspaper, until then…). Something that will make gothic teenagers of the future gather around it and eat frozen pizza drink thick beer on cold nights and fornicate, warming themselves to the bones of the witty ironic guy they think is inside.

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Russell Maycumber said...

data mining operation out of a Romanian orphanage. Most of the images are pulled from soviet era childrens programming and short wave television broadcasts from the late 70s. There is a relay reciever on Roosevelt Island that is hard wired into the sub surface power cables, just runs on and on, if you have an old radio you can pick up the images with a USB cord running basic PEACH software.

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