Tuesday, December 08, 2009


So it would appear that necromancy has its roots in communicating with “dead” things. I recently listened to a man describe certain Egyptian rituals concerning the dead at the time of death. I think his point was that the ritual was not so much about the dead thing but about how the living could piggy back on the moment the recently deceased relinquished their livingness. The carcass encased a series of moments they accumulate and are released like a bottle rocket. The vapors intoxicating, the sparks burning the retinas of those left on the hillside. That illumination filling the living receptacles with insight. Maybe Hunter S. Thompson knew something of this when he asked to be shot from a cannon upon his dying.

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Russell Maycumber said...

Hard core history Dan Carlin-Suffer the Children. He suggest historical accounts of children being beaten at public executions in order to greater impact their impressions of these moral lessons associated with the corporal punishment. Piggy back or like a dust devil, the intense passing sucking up attention...?

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