Thursday, November 12, 2009

New world glen

I remember streams in England were shallow and wide and rocky, cold and clear . Streams there demanded arches of stone when crossed and each crossing an event of it's own in time and history. They seam to have a thousand names for running water. Here in Florida I played in a stream that ran all the way from Cassat ave. and emptied into Fishwier creek just under Roosevelt Blvd. It was narrow and sandy, a transient trickle until it rained, then it was biblical. It was a drainage ditch. We called it "The Ditch". It ran through back yards and ducked traffic through giant spiral steel culverts held together with rivets the size of your palm. It had clay and snakes, plastic sunbleached big wheels and rainbows of ? floating in the eddies and dense greens like elephant ears big enough for 3 ferel children to huddle under.

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