Friday, November 06, 2009

Carrot on a stick, change is new and constantly old

Poki-mon! Every human on the planet, it seams, is actively involved with or has at least heard of this phenomenon. As a parent of a child who has memorized character stats that rival a baseball league, an anatomy text and a periodic tables worth of info, but somehow cant remember to lift the seat on the toilet, I think these little evolutions of creativity are the perfect answer to non violent, non gender specific, play. I have thought about why the Poki-mon universe is so popular and for so long. Partly I believe , is for its ability to have an ever changing repertoire of components in the form of characters whose intrinsic value is change. This plays into a grand scale theory of everything I have yet to re-realize that involves psycho-naught Terrance McKenna's idea of novelty and the basic human nature to perceive meaning.

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