Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have injured my middle finger, to the point that I need to let it heal for a few days before I can really use it. Surprisingly this is putting my head in a strange, awkward place. I feel a little off balance in an equilibrium sort of way. I always found it interesting to hear what folk tales have to say about hands, and what each finger is to represent. I have heard that the "ring finger" next to the pinky has a connection to ones heart that is why it is chosen to be fitted with a wedding ring. I have not heard of a similar story about the middle finger. Since I feel a little off in the brain at the moment I would not hesitate to make this folkloric connection between the digit in question and the cognitive self. In cards the suit of swords is suppose to be cognitively related. When you flash someone a pronounced middle finger as an insult maybe your pulling the mental sword and lashing it about their flaccid ignorance. This explanation I find as good as any.

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