Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A pipe is not a pipe

1500$ of each GM car went toward retirement benefits for some odd million GM retirees according to the BBC Global News.My friend worked in Deer Born Michigan in an ironworks fashioning parts for cars. He told me a story of a guy who poked his buddy in the butt with compressed air as a joke. His buddy later died from complications associated from the subsequent wound. Years later I met a jazz musician addicted to raisin bagels, smothered in peanut butter (approx. a forth of a family sized jar) who hailed from Deer Born Michigan. He taught music in the high school there before retiring to Florida. He said the school had a very large Moslem population and he would often comment on how much he enjoyed teaching Jazz to all the kids there.

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Russell Maycumber said...

This post was created simultaneously with todays listening of Global News BBC

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