Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walking the Cow

Its strange to look into your head as it apears in the past. Writing is a good way to do this. I think i was aspiring to be a pulp science fiction writer, or maybe I was just detoxing Austin Texas.
Alien race that believes in consciousness as a commodity, creates a belief system that fosters this action of escalation of "the spirit"; feeding off of the reaction sort of the way nuclear power works like teacups of nuclear heated water that involves trading in the phenomenon we call consciousness
Motivation ? Evolution has taken them to a point of exhaustion in their ability to raise consciousness, they haven’t the tools to go further, a missing element. They are like hungry ghosts, so addicted to the energy emitted during the Phase of this process. One such method is called novelty introduction. The ecstatic expression that fallows a new experience. In some mythologies this activity is identified as vampirism. In others it is a method used in primitive cultures for social healing and “spiritual” direction. Socrates’ daemon was more than likely one of these entities.
But one must be careful in attempting to identify this transaction as coming from any one particular source. Some believe these entities to be responsible for the technology involved in the synthetic production of psychoactive pharmaceuticals. Persons on Prozac like meat in the freezer, keep them on ice so they don’t blow their cosmic load to soon. The capitalists would appreciate the occasional drone or two. In exchange for the occasional quelling of a group consciousness expanding beyond the “spiritual spectrum “ most appetizing to our guests. Timorese ; one of the last groups on earth to have a spoken tradition in the process of spiritual autonomy, well you need your lips to pass a spoken tradition, that easy enough unless some Indonesian soldier isn’t taking them off with a U.S. issue bayonet and then turning around to sell them for breakfast sausage in Japan. Hey better than Kobe. Military action is most effective in this quelling of the knowledge fire. Nothing like a little napalm to disrupt your morning meditation . China invades Nepal, evolution takes the fall.

28 and morning the death of innocents? Now its just easier to perceive everyone as innocent.orpheuslaffy

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