Sunday, April 19, 2009


I rode a Grey Hound from Houston to Vancouver to visit a friend there. During my visit she had to go to the University. She asked me if I wanted to go with her. Seeing a window of further diversion I jumped at the offer. The college is next to the Pacific ocean. Once She had finished with her errand we decided to wandered down to the beach. In a matter of minutes we had left the busy campus and were moving along a path full of giant trees and ferns and eventually popped out onto an expanse of stones and logs and surf. We paused after a few minutes of walking and sat down. My friend informed me that the beach was clothing optional and took off her shirt. I nodded as if to say of course. Not feeling a need to share my birthday gifts with Vancouver I left my pants on and laid soaking up what precious sunlight dared to venture that far north of the equator. I reminded myself of all the unwritten rules that plague people who were no longer dating as my friend an I had been. I assured myself this was just a friendly visit and that any old coals to "that" fire had long turned to ash. My eyes wandered. I timed my glances with the waves, by design or accident I could not be sure. The ocean stealing pebbles a few million at a time. With liminal gaze my eyes taking or given, ribs, breasts, skin- pale and pink. And bright red. Bright red? The red was not in the inventory of plundered flesh, but was bobbing just over her body at some distance and getting closer. Once I focused, I noticed a man with nothing on but a pair of Trax sneakers and red igloo cooler in his left hand, treading through the carpet of warm rocks. He was heading directly towards us. Soon enough I was eye to johnson with a naked Canadian trying to peddle a long, blue can of sweaty Le Batt's . "I'm good , no thanyou" , I said. My friend put her hand to her brow, squinted through one eye and tossed him a dismissive smile. Sensing my lack of ground, my friend let out a little giggle. I took it the naked beer man was a regular feature on that beach. Looking back now I probably could have used that beer.

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