Thursday, February 12, 2009


This was originaly published feb 12th 2006
The security guard at the college asked me if I was a student. When I said yes I was, he asked to see my I.D. He said ,"well you dont look like a student." In defense of his profiling skills, I was wearing a pair of jumper overalls covered in paint...(clearly a deviant). He holds my I.D. up to show the librarian, who was tucked behind a glass enclosed desk, Yea see he's an Art student. After allmost all was said and done he remarked that I looked older. I have discontinued smoking and thought yep this is what you get . you look older allready...? I was a 37 year old "student" a frankenstein walking the economic ice alone... harass me ... 6' 3"ogre unkempt overtly friendly.................suuuspicious
I now work at the college and still I get asked for my I.D.

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Matte Batty said...

thats really interesting.....once i almost was arrested for working to late in one of the labs!!!

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