Saturday, January 10, 2009

NIMH the sparkling bush.

I had some one comment on a video I did on Youtube. They asked what the video was about. Here is my reply.
This was an attempt to document where I am, in developing an artistic process. I used the NIMH dvd cover as a starting point randomly. I respond to that information and move instinctualy to build a somewhat resolved picture field, or at least until I find an adequate stopping point. This is an automatic drawing so nothing is preplanned and objects and relationships can only be commented in hindsight. Even then it may be weeks or years before I can really know what I was trying to say. So far, in interpreting this piece, I have concluded it is about me and how i relate to having my own family. The female with the jug of corn juice maybe my wife? The serpents aroud my ankles(we just had a litter of kittens that like to climb your legs), the fenced in beast with burrowing tail... maybe my son. I dont know. Hope that helps...the NIMH movie itself had a farm yard with that sparkly bush in the middle, maybe this is how I see my own in creativity, in my own head. A seemingly innocuous bush who's roots give sanctuary to hallowed catacombs teaming with hyperconscious pestilence.


Russell Maycumber said...

Having bought into a dualistic notion of being and nonbeing, that meaning does exist and by "trying to convey it" we imply we are without meaning and creation functioning as a way to convey or attribute meaning to actions we identify with, then the basis of drawing for me has less emphasis on a finished object than a starting point for reflection. Non dualistically if I am meaning, then this whole process becomes a veil. The drawings become masks, tools and catalyst for molting. When younger you seek to define, and as you age I think you just buy the mask, the swing and the masquerade. If the devil is in the details then there too lies the enthusiasm.

breanne! said...

oh come on.
we all know you just like drawling.

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