Friday, September 12, 2008


Looks like Bobby is gonna "hunker down"
Russell Maycumber
k myeah -
k mcalled him yesterday to ask where we would go to pick up the bodies
k mhe said, "start at the house"
k mdork
I told him to put a axe in his attic case the water gets high
Russell Maycumber
k mdid you know he is in a "mandatory" evacuation zone
k mgood one
next to a gas line
Russell Maycumber
death by drowning and cremation.
Russell Maycumber
k mhe said emily was running around eating mm's and jelly beans
k mlol
none of that Katrina pestilence in Houston, theyre gunna kill it with fire!
Russell Maycumber
k mIt was supposed to hit today as a category 3. Have you seen any news?
Russell Maycumber
k mGALVESTON, Texas (Reuters) - Massive Hurricane Ike bore down on the Texas coast on Friday with a wall of water that threatened a potential catastrophe for the United States.
Russell Maycumber
22 ft. surge
Russell Maycumber
k mThe National Weather Service warned that people in coastal areas could "face the possibility of death" from a massive storm surge. Officials said Ike could flood as many as 100,000 homes.
k msh^&*t
Mr.Bob better gas up his john boat
Russell Maycumber
k mI'm gonna try calling his cell phone
k mno answer
k mdoh
Tell him to go to the deer lease?
Russell Maycumber
He could afford a Austin vacation...
Russell Maycumber
k mmom said they changed the evac mandate and everyone on his street is staying
Even if you make it through, shit sucks no lectric no a.c. no lights, boarded up dark wet...
Russell Maycumber
k mno huntn
ever again...cause yer dead
Russell Maycumber
wheres mom
Russell Maycumber
what is her number..I can never get her on a phone
Russell Maycumber
I have to email her
Russell Maycumber
k k mhome
k mmom's gonna try bobby at home number and then call you
na I allready made my peace with him, asked for his jewelry in the will...
Russell Maycumber
k mdang
7:29 PM
k mok.
k mso i just talked to kelley and all is well
They got enough ding dongs and hohos in that pantry to feed the red cross
Russell Maycumber
They gone be bartering for a long time now!
Russell Maycumber
k mlol
k mhe is so set
k mI called earlier - bobby's cell phone and misdialed and got someone named Frank
k mso I hung up
k mwell I just got a call and I thought
Seriously Kroger was askin him for food cuse their shelves were kind low
Russell Maycumber
k mit was mom, so I pic'd up w/out looking at the caller id and said Hey - and I hear this man's voice say - who's this, I said who this and he said what?
k mI said is this Frank
k mlol
k mtrue - this just happend
k mso I got the scoop w/out talking to bobby
You are freaking Frnk out...
Russell Maycumber
k mgot it from Frank
k mexactly
k mlol
k mFrank sounded a little frayed
k mfrayed frank
Frank this is your GAURDIAn angel...
Russell Maycumber
k m"go get more hoho
get out now..and treat your wife better
Russell Maycumber
k ms
k m"
...masterbating will only make matters worse

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