Saturday, August 30, 2008

John Milan

This is a drawing by my good friend John Milan. What you cant see in the scan is a series of book pages turning into flies and spelling out the word Cuthulu. I cant help but think of a story another friend of mine told me while I was staying at their house in Dusseldorf Germany. He was living in eastern Germany at the time that the Russian Tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia and he described the deafening sound of the tanks as they clamored down the old streets of Falkenstein. Regardless of what the wrong question is in Georgia right now I'm sure some folks are forming new memories about those tanks. - You think some hard core old timer thought that the Russians were attacking Georgia the state. Atlanta ,Georgia that is! I could imagine there'd be a massive bubba counter insurgency! We lost her once to those Union slags, the hell if she'll burn again!!!!

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