Tuesday, August 26, 2008


you should see the studio for school. Its unbelievable

b franklee1I'll take pictures tonight

b franklee1clay...mmm

4:29 PM

I'm in advance pottery, Wall hangins are my first assignment. They said they don't tolerate production work here. I think its because the clay is brand new straight from bags, 4 different kinds, as much as you want. No pugs. little wedging

Did you ask the guy at the gate if you had been killed in a car crash or was it a boating accident...how else did we arrive in clay heaven?

I did, I was tripping when I just showed up, and he said get started.

b franklee1

did you have to prove yer stuff like earth slinger clint eastwood?

It didn't hit me until today

I know nothing

serious shit ...none a that conservative redneck having to validate yer existance crap

I'm going to follow his direction and embellish

this is art boy if you dont know why yer here maybe you should return to that provential skoal can hip pocket neck hole you crawled out of...hmmmm

There are more people in this class that think the same as me.b franklee1

Pottery is boring to me. I just like the process franklee1we dony make excuses we make...THINGS!

Im having a hard time with the whole did the art now Ive got this crap ...what do I do with it.?


I dont wanna make crap anymore...maybe video of temporary crap. Sand drawings?

this is my instructor's web site

4:40 PM

nice site

I'm going to ask about those patterns

I want to paint figurative studies on my plates, purhaps with oxide

He is are age

5:03 PM

hes prob your age...

there is no excuse for a man my age

I always liked the relationship between figurative stuffs and vessel shapes..

I also would like to get deeper into the linguistics of vessel shpes...


the whole bottle as a paragraph

the whole cupboard a novella

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breanne! said...

my first ceramics class the teacher could very easily bust one over any talk of clay.
one day when throwing some cup he started to talk about it as a partner. as an experience. that when you hold a cup to your mouth, its more than a sip, its a kiss. and its handle, its side, its more than a grip, its a hip, an embrace.

it was a very sensual lesson in class.
clay is pretty great though. i feel like anything you can think, or want, you can do with it. far beyond sexy mugs or plates... but those are ok too.

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