Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cut Emeralds

Russell 3 three convinced me to give up a sapphire for some cut emeralds. ....? We were in the dessert dealing with this guy at an outdoor bazaar and e- gypped me out of 500 gold pieces! After I compulsively explicating my remorse, Russell 3 apologized to which I assured him it was not really his fault. So we consoled ourselves over some GYROs at the kebab tent, and then made our way back to the Barbarian Camp to slaughter more sons and dughters of Conan. Same-ole samo... bury their bones eat their steaks and slug their beers, it was another awesome day in the air-conditioned frontier of Rune Scape.


breanne said...

what world is this?!

Russell Maycumber said...

I wanted to come across like an overheard conversation about a soap opera. At first your senses are peaked, your appalled- intrigued then you start to suspect the impossible, ultimately you feel violated for being drawn along on some daytime cheese string. The online roll plying game I'm referring to here is Rune Scape. The long summer dog day afternoons make this an ideal cave to hide out in. I suspect there are some real "magicians" on the payroll though. Wiki "chaos magic"

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