Saturday, July 19, 2008


breanne! said...

you're so steady and circusy russell.

Russell Maycumber said...

Thanks for the comment, I am steady because Ive considered the consequences and I'm unemployed(unemployable?), The circusey is aperhaps tribute to the crackers and carneys in all those who haunt this wonder/waste-land Florida. Even the black folk have that cracker bite. Its years of transient grifters making fast bucks on wet lots. Long hot days with bottle caps and buttons for pay. A grand design with porch drama plot-lines. Curios crafted from road kill in backyard theme parks. Bearded ladies and siamese lobster boys wedded in trailer parks. Congo sunsets court lunacy of saline shackles, brown water lust and pre-dawn epiphanies. Thanx again

breanne! said...

i believe if you wrote in a book form the things ive read you write in short forms and included drawlings you could be a very much employed writer of sorts. i would buy your books and every occasion that i felt neccessary to buy things for others, id buy your books again and gift them.
seriously. i think you could make that happen.

there is no secret wet lair anywair, just old work from the good old days.

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