Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two monks rendered

Two monks, brother Hurley and brother Desmond, were rendering lamb fat for candles one hot afternoon. Brother Hurley says to the ever so dutiful brother Desmond,"I have noticed when the villagers go on vacation they are forced to store their furniture for fear that it will get stolen. I have also noticed that the owner of the furniture warehouse also shares a beer or two with the rapscallions that are on trial for stealing furniture. I ask you is this coincidental, brother?" To which the second monk replies, "No, brother, that is capitalism." This spins the first monks mind into a dystopian quandary. "Fascinating!" he exclaims. "Where by creating a threat one can offer respite to that threat?" proffers brother Hurley. "Precisely," comforts the good brother Desmond, sensing the change in Hurley's voice. Brother Hurley gaining momentum adds, "And what of bandits in general, who should gain by their follies?" "The authorities, of course," says brother Desmond. "It is the crowns duty to continually manifest these threats as to huddle the warren. It keeps us whole," brother Desmond continued.
Brother Hurley begins to fuse ideas in his head as he is prone to do. "Then If the Crown is in the business of phantasmagorical threats from the other, then is it a stretch to say that from ether does the Church and clergy forge alliances with our baser selves, we from us? "Now you're getting the idea," winked brother Desmond, licking the surplus of grease from his finger tips.

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