Wednesday, May 07, 2008


About a month ago I thought I would change my own brakes. They were long overdue and were starting to make a grinding sound. The first bolt I had to remove after taking the tire off was fuzed on. I started to tap on it with a five pound sledge nice n easy. If you have ever peeled the head off of a bolt, you always remember that feeling. It's that moment where you know that what you thought would be a routine hour of maintenance could stretch out into ... well, infinity really. In that sense you've entered a vortex. You are at the helm of a bonafied time machine. After about two days and much "Joshing" with my fragile emotions at the auto parts store by the gregarious and ever congenial merchants of grease, I arrived at the ever dreaded conclusion that I would have to bore the old screw out and rethread the new hole. So this was my set up.

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