Tuesday, May 13, 2008

moxy the twerp          russell maycumber

moxy the twerp is a very lame comic so if your reading this then maybe you should run or prance outside burning your eyes or cutting muffins.or if your wise try reading this and don't forget your 50 cents to pay this.now you may read this very maybe so lame comic.once there was a a very dumb twerp named moxy.he was dumb,normal,and wore purple socks.now how amazing is that he is a comic boy.today he ate his dawg test and got an a+ on eating.amazing.maybe even the strongest man can't do that.so moxy started his day.he said easter is when you buy a chicken and finda leprechaun.he got an f. so?,history was worse.he said poop in the 5th grade.(he is in the 2nd)when he got home i charged and spun some thread at him.andguess what? the fool ate it.he spit and said moxyyxomoxymoxy. a dumb peace of 7 year old speaks.now i'msorry but if your reading this then look at the drawing.....

well and the next morning he starts thinking of meatballs.nowthat's a very lame comic.isn't it. now close it and count to twenty and enjoy.

p.s. moxy is a jerk not a twerp.

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Russell Maycumber said...

This is some free style DaDa from Russell Three.

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