Monday, January 07, 2008


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Hey man, whats new.? I am just puttering around, Elli has gone to the Phillipines for 2 weeks. I am considering baking so looking at those dangerous snakes by that fire causes me to wonder....I need to do some baking . I am planning to do some better gardening this year, and then find some fine recipes.I have read some of your post it's, I hope you don't mind. I sure would like to write more thoughts down, like you do ! I do keep a journal,writing dreams down and stuff. The other night ,I had a really good one ( 2nd time I'm wearing Docs) where I have these tall Doc Martins on and I am carrying Elli's Laptop, and I start running and just stepping really fast..I'm practically flying..I just run all the way to mexico ! Down the middle of the road, I"m not out of breath or anything! Man those dreams are fun...There is more to it but you have to write me back , so I can see if you got this Post it?....I have all kinds of stuff to tell you so write me back. JM (Happy new year)
We must all meet up very soon ! PS what is the picture about? Is it a certain kind of fire place?

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