Thursday, November 08, 2007

Beauty in the breakdown

I woke at 1 a.m.. I had fallen asleep to a conspiracy lecture where the guys voice had been manipulated and he had a fake applause track.  The lecture was all about the secret allience that Nazis and eventually the Allied forces have with alien life forms.  The aliens evedently could actualy be a mix of off planet and undrground life forms left over from prehistoric reptileans and anamorphic thought based entities.  The pictures and drawings of Natzi saucers were illiuminating...great name for a local punk band Natzi Saucer Science openening for the band Free Beer tonight at Wittigenstein a go gos!.  Russell has been put on a regiment of writing more...he took to it with resistance at first, then he hooked into it.  He said he was going to write a novel.  Chapter one is about a kid who's parents die and he becomes an orphan escapes and befriends a racoon in the forest....

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