Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My child is literally bored to tears.  I think there are too many kids in the class .  The very predictable structure of most classrooms I find devistating to a child's(human's) natural sense of ingenuity and improvisation.  I am very frustrated when my kid comes home in tears from boredom.  Why do people covet such a system of creative attrition. I dont trust the indoctrination of teachers and the methods they are taught.  I think they are only prepared  for moving masses of people through the intricacies of a consumptive machine.  Any advice would be very welcomed.  We both work minimum wage jobs so home schooling is not an option at this point.  When he drills giant graphite holes in his paper and draws on EVERYTHING I cant blame him when he's staring at 30 problems of triple digit addition like a ship in horse lattitudes. 

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