Friday, September 07, 2007

Morning express, train of thought.

Masks are important to me.  We just returned from a trip to New York City and went to
the Natural History Museum.
Pacific Northwest exhibit was amazing; they had many masks on display
  This morning I was thinking
of the direction I wanted to go in with art/life.
  I know that I want to be a part of a creative
  There is going to be a
show tonight with a group of artists from Atlanta.
  This made me think of artists from NYC going to the Hampton
in the summer, collaborating and cavorting in general.
  The book Willem de Kooning by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan goes into some
detail about the modern painters of the 40s and 50s.  In particular I thought of de Kooning and how he would sneak
out of his cottage at night.
think at some point he was sneaking into the neighbors house drunk out of his
mind and somehow convinced the 20 year old girl who lived there to take him
  Meanwhile his wife in the
other house had no idea where he was. I may have the details of that story
wrong, but the basic notion that de Kooning was always trying to recreate his
identity and still maintain relations with other sane people is what I gathered
from this particular anecdote.
  I think
this is partially what is behind people’s fetish for real or imagined

EZ chocolate-benefits the rebuilding of New Orleans.
Shoulders of giants.
I walked with a crowd on the sand.  Behind me I saw thousands of footsteps.  As the storms gathered I began to see
only my footsteps in the sand.
look back on my life and reflect these times as some of the richest.
  Self imposed storms?

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