Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strydex into the future~

The simplest answer is the best answer.  For me the deus ex mechanus of our times, concerning unexplain phenome would be the memes du tempes multi dimentional theory.  These nagging attempts to explain away things of such incredible narrative influence as "Bigfoot" or the nature of nature seem to be an expression of an imposed disfunction with regards to our own intuition and continuum flummoxing by the bad guys...simple as a pimple. 


Anonymous said...

o.k. I'll comment...what the ?@#$% are you talking about...?

Russell Maycumber said...

Honestly I don't know. But I don't believe anybody does. There is a trend in quantum physics to address certain quirky outcomes and observations with theories on the nature of potentiality. Basic Chinese and Indian cosmology circa 1700 b.c.

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