Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spilt Milk

The year 2012 has significant meaning with the Mayans. I was listening to a World of the Unexplained podcast ,12/6/06 The Horizon Project. This one focuses on the end of times. They drew a comparison between the Mayan date Nov. 22 2012 and the earth's natural progression through the universal center, the Milky Way center, and no its not made of caramel, its made of a giant magnetic field that will hurl massive solar flares at the earth capable of turning entire desserts into one continuous sheet of glass. Giant meteors will be there to greet our pretty blue planet we fuss over so much too. I was thinking if this were true then it makes me feel very honored to be on earth during this event that takes place once every 26,000 years. Either that, or very unlucky. You know when you gather outside on that special night Hale Bop or Kohoutek the comet was suppose to streak by. Little did we know these were welcome mats for the big changes ahead... I allways figured, first thing I was going to do when the end of the world came was to take a brand new moped strait off the showroom floor and joy ride my way into glory! That was in the fifth grade, mopeds were very cool to a kid into BMX who couldn't get his drivers liscence yet.

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