Thursday, June 28, 2007

Papal provencal

  It hurts when one slings the “provincial” mud. Provincial is what they call art that fails to
effect the center (I think its an ancient Roman word for redneck). The provincial label implies ownership.  An aesthetic environment becomes provincial in relationship to a consensual center.  The center conveys its ownership through judgment.  Do not mistake ingratiating with integration.  There is art that wants to ingratiate itself to the 
opinioned voice of the center, and art that spore-zoiclly integrates into a localized social ecology.
When a vision is exercised without a communal response, the individual vision crystallizes into an outsider motif.  Most of the time, the general public is at such a point of personal disassociative crisis with their surroundings that if Art is not
immediately relevant to what they are already programmed to consume, the art becomes ineffectual.  Effect is
what the Artist needs as a feedback.   If there were social reward other than affluence, the
localized aspect to an artist's social role would become paramount.  The community needs their artist.  Although art may be for its own sake, autonomous by necessity, its effect often is restorative.  Art has its genesis in chaos, its making in solitude, its effect in harmony.  My wife is a better writer than I am. I saw this thing on a gathering
of shamans from around the world (fire on the mountain).  In the end the shaman were beginning to face their persecutors from the main religions.  I thought they should ignore the major religious detractors and focus on a coalition
of indigenous relevance.  They had their own people to take care of. Unfortunately
some of those large-scale belief structures are difficult to ignore. I guess that’s
what I was seeing with the "art world". 

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