Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fighting the natives...

The whole preparation ritual of packing the beach bags and rigging up the surf board on a home made system of ratchet straps and pool noodles reminds me of preparing to go camping. That and the fact that Russell 3 got a package from a friend in L.A. named Piper(she is Kat Monks daughter) makes me think of Joshua Tree Park in Ca..  I suggest that we should go there if we are ever in that area of the world. Beth replied she wanted a secure campsite if we camped out in the dessert in Joshua Tree.  I wanted to know why she was concerned about security while camping and she said she didn't want any bears in our camp ground. I said "No there are no such things as dessert bears, but there are sand people, only in this universe they have long beards, Hells Angel tatoos and harvest bathtub crank...and then I made a sound like the Star Wars Sand People.

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kelsea said...

when the heck are you going to joshua tree you crazy fool?

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