Friday, August 11, 2006


into the voyeurs paradise
into a twin life.

O.K its called second life heres a great review from my talented friend Kross Kapuskas-
"Whats up Russell? It's **** Kross. I went to second life after reading one of your blogs, and I have to say it is very strange, but I like it. It is very weird with the music on. I keep thinking about vanilla sky for some reason. Then I thought it was the matrix ver. 0.001 (surely more updates to come). I met more girls in 15 min in my second life than I did in 2 months my first life, really sad. People kept talking to me and I was thinking are these people real? I'm Kross Kapuskas, and I can fly. "

I cant think of better lip service- So if you join( no cost to join) just tell them I sent you cause I get a bonus and I need the L$ money cause my wife wont let me spend any real dollars on this crap. Oh and by the way, just like in real life, they think your a bum in second life for panhandling too.

Send all snapshots to :

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