Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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I was in the middle of my daily meltdown at the Bagel Barn and out of the corner of my ear I hear someone say "I didn't know they let artist work here". It was my "Bazaar Head" friend and local midnight Vanishing Point college radio celebrity BOB BLAZE. So I was taking a break any way he sits down in front of me and enters straight into a diatribe of a beatnik hangout in L.A. sometime in the distant 1960's ish era and describes the scene how it changed from Beatnik to hippy. How the Beatniks emphasized culture then politics then maybe some drugs ...love was always free for the non milk toast set, no need to make a big point out of it. The hippies on the other hand preferred to put the drugs first, no time to waste...looks like they were going to make some fine capitalists after all. Bob spoke of a man who hung out at the world famous Insomniac Coffee House. The guys name was like Otho or something...bout this time I'm feeling the heat to get back to work...Any way the guy was famous for going on the Tim Alan show and painting with a belt that was loaded with Brushes. This guy Otho was a Grumman aeronautical engineer that survived a near death airplane accident and began a new life equipped with reality altering facilities.... This whole story came from me saying that the Bagel Job was actually inspiring for the art in a, cant go around it gotta go through it sort of way. Thanks Bob.

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