Sunday, February 12, 2006

night -out

The security guard at the college asked me if I was a student. When I said yes I was, he asked to see my I.D. He said ,"well you dont look like a student." In defense of his profiling skills, I was wearing a pair of jumper overalls covered in paint...(clearly a deviant). He holds my I.D. up to show the librarian, who was tucked behind a glass enclosed desk, Yea see he's an Art student. After allmost all was said and done he remarked that I looked older. I have discontinued smoking and thought yep this is what you get . you look older allready...? I was a 37 year old "student" a frankenstein walking the economic ice alone... harass me ... 6' 3"ogre unkempt overtly friendly.................suuuspicious


debi said...


old men wear over alls...maybe that was what he was thrown off by?

kelsea said...

yea, and he's a security guard at flagler. haha. i'd rather be 37 in paint covered overalls.

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