Saturday, August 20, 2005


Went surfing today. It was me and one other person in the grey waves. Heres the report:
Very small. The thing about surfing is that it really doesnt matter. Today I had three rides that would be amongst the top ten of the four years Ive been riding. The waves looked like watery cement because of the dredging/ beach restoration project thats going on. Quite a sight in itself; a bubbling fountain spewing millions of gallons of sandy water traveling over a mile away and two catapillar tractors pushing around the mud and sludge.( I went out at the end of 8th st.). The more I type the more I want to go out tomorrow.

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Russell said...

Soon after this I sliced the tip of my thumb off and am just now starting to grow it back. I have not surfed since the instance recalled in this post.

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