Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mod mom and chitlins

While motoring through Ireland we stopped at a gas station and pulled up next to a pony and a little two wheeled buggy. When I came out to get back in the car a couple of teenage boys were stratling a picknick table next to the pony. They said something to me about a Hippy or something, they both had very cropped hair cuts. I nodded as if I didnt understand and waved-They looked at each other and said he doesnt understand...or something in very Irish might as well been Galik prob. was. They soon left hanging on the back of that buggy all gangly and the little fuzzy pony pulled onto a little gravel path and scurried away. I looked at the table where they were sitting and found they had left a motoring magazine full of the latest reviews for "drafting" style Japanese cars made more savory to their market by buxom girls from Brighton beach. What if they had like Hot Mom vehical mags. Mini van drafting contests comlete with kiddies. Chim Chim style.

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